How To Decorate Your Office Space So It Looks Less Boring?

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The office is a place you spend a lot of time at and it makes your environment friendlier and more relaxing if you decorate it well. Good decorations can breathe new life into a drab old space, so here are a few tips for how to decorate your work bench so that it looks its absolute best and also so that it is appropriate for the office: 

What inspires you most? 

You can put up quotes and images that inspire you and remind you to work hard and keep you motivated to get through the day in one piece. You can get a bulletin board and hang quotes on that. This deco not only looks awesome, but it also has some meaning to you which makes it all the more personal. You can really make your space your own by highlighting whatever inspires you and putting it somewhere you will always look. 

Get artsy, fancy and colourful creations to liven up your work zone 

Such as pompoms, paintings or tassels which you can hang on the patrician in front of you (if you have one). You can also print pictures off the internet, frame it and hang it up.  However, if you have a co-working space it is best to ask your colleague if he/she is okay with the decorations, you are putting up. Especially if those decorations are invading their personal space.  

Have an area to hide your clutter 

Whether it is a drawer or screen, make sure there is somewhere that you can sweep your clutter into so that you do not have to see it every time you are sitting at your desk. Because as we all know if something is out of sight, it is out of mind. You do not necessarily need to forget your clutter but you just need to arrange it and keep it off your desk where everyone can see it. Less clutter means your decorations stand out more. 

Go green! 

Plants are the best way to spruce up your work zone and make it look more inviting. You do not need a very large plant though if that is what you are thinking. Even just some small succulents or cacti are a good option because they require minimum effort to care for on your part and are sure to brighten your day when you see them. Another option is that you and your co-working space colleague both just have one plant in between both of you and then you can take care of it jointly.  

So have fun decorating but do not go too crazy because you are it is after all your place of work and so you need to keep things as professional as you can.  


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